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gWE’s services range from consulting, advising, and remediation to practical hands on technical support services all designed to bring about your success.

Experienced Professionals

Our professionals are trained to work in collaboration and transparency to minimize impact upon your team.

Business Developments

Your organization/small business derive value with our customized solutions for your nonprofit and small business.


Nonprofit Formulation (concept and program development)

Business Analysis with an eye toward process improvements

Strategic Planning and performance tracking

Project Planning, monitoring and tracking

Cash flow forecasting, analysis and reporting

Nonprofit Services

  • Nonprofit setup –
    1. Defining the Mission and vision
    2. Know and understand Why
    3. Finding the Name
  • Creating the Net that Works!
    1. Board Selection Criteria
    2. Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • Documentation Filing Preparation
    1. Choose a Corporate Name and File with State
    2. Prepare Articles of Incorporation
    3. Prepare Bylaws
    4. State & Federal filing documentation
  • Program Planning
    1. Services
    2. Differentiation
    3. Standards
    4. Goals
  • Implementation Monitoring/Assessment
    1. Define KPIs
    2. Tools
    3. Frequency
    4. Analysis
  • Performance Management
    1. Why manage performance
    2. Cost:Benefit ratio
    3. From data to transformation


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