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Transforming Minds to Transform our Communities

Great Works Enterprises (gWE) is a business with a social conscious! Our life strategies classes are designed to educate and strengthen community members so they are empowered to implement the change they need in their communities. For individuals looking for a hand up, we offer these consumers a series of community education classes focusing on wealth consciousness and life strategies for success. Classes are offered onsite, online or via teleconference. Our commitment to sustainable communities is firm. This is how we define success! Building Living Enterprises Success Sites for Economic Development, gWE is BLESSED.

*Class Calendar (changes monthly) [Outlook calendar that can be updated on the fly

Principle Leadership Curriculum
Education is key! Within the Principle Leadership curriculum, participants are given the laws of success with implementation strategies to begin to further recreate themselves to be successful contributors to the communities in which they live. These affirming life strategies ongoingly promote an inquiry into the underlying principles which ensure personal and professional success.

A series of classes designed to provide guidance in ethics, money, personal and community development. The current offering “Money Counts” addresses personal ethics and budgeting strategies and refocuses individuals on the their purposes.

The Readings
Great Works Enterprises introduces a series of limited time offering of classes designed to foster community growth and development. “The Readings” focuses on developing individual and collective wealth consciousness with discussions designed to transform participants’ beliefs, choices and actions into those that allow for self and community sustainment and growth, and personal, professional and community wealth and well being.

The Current Reading: The Science of Getting Rich – by Wallace Wattles
Wallace Wattles’ work the Science of Getting Rich, originally published in 1910, is one of the primary source references on the subject of wealth consciousness. In this book the fundamental principle is all living creatures have an inalienable right to develop to full capacity. Success is defined as “becoming what you to be.”

Young Builders Program
An introduction to project management for young people (ages 13 – 17), the Young Builders Program is designed to expose young people to project management processes and inspire them to be future project/program managers and team members.